Wolves In Sheeps Clothing: Purpose Driven Socialism

“The Future of the world lies in religious pluralism.” -Rick Warren           

“For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Jude 1:4 (KJV)


Sondras Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Rick Warren, “America’s Pastor” is bringing religious pluralism onto the world scene as major player in global affairs today.  The modern church is emerging as a global activist and losing its ability to spread the gospel. Warren believes, “The biggest mistake churches make is we think sermons will produce spiritual maturity, they will not. People say well if you just pray and love people and preach the word your church will grow.  That’s just not true.  The Bible says skill will bring success.” Warren is calling for everyone to come together for a common good, social justice.  He is paving the way for a one world religion through his Fabian socialistic and religious pluralistic view.  This religion will help lay the foundation for a global economy and government giving rise to the antichrist.

Fabian socialism is a mix between capitalism and socialism.  Globalism is the policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations, and it is rooted in the occult. The goal of a Fabian socialist is globalism. They want to change the purpose of the church and Christianity. Remold them for the use of social justice and redistribution of wealth.  They want no dividing lines, one world, and one people; all equal.

Rick Warren has been mentored by Fabian socialists and he is mentoring a half million pastors in this view.  Warren’s socialistic view was well seen when he said, “The first reformation clarified what we believe; this reformation is how we act and operate in the world.  It involves the key components of purpose, decentralization, lay mobilization, use of technology, and continuous learning.  Churches that change are thriving and growing more effective.  Churches that refuse to change will miss the reformation and are dying.”  He says that religion is about “deeds not creeds.”  He is supporting a new world order through a quiet revolution within the churches of America.  Taking the church members minds away from spiritual thoughts and toward material thoughts, away from the preaching of true doctrine and toward seeker friendly methods of “growing a church.”  Taking the church members from a traditional Christian based biblical world view to a transformational user friendly 21st century would view.

“People are so worried churches are going to be about conversion, but everyone has a motive.  Everyone has a world view.  Christianity is “a” world view…I don’t care why you do good as long as you do good.” – Rick Warren

Warren’s agenda is to promote socialism with what he calls the “3rd partnership.”  He wants an accumulative effort from the public, private, and faith sectors.  Warren said, “If business and government were able to solve the world’s problems by themselves they would have done it by now.  A combination of the public profit and parish sector is needed.  The government has the administrative power to form agendas and set priorities.  The business sector can provide the expertise, the capital, innovative ideas, and the managerial skills.  The houses of worship have things that business and governments don’t have.  The church can provide the distributive network and local credibility.”  In other words taking the taxpayers’ dollars and redistributing them through the church.  When should the church ever be partnered to the government?  That is socialism at its best.  Warren says, “there are five giant global problems: 1. Corruption/egocentric leadership, 2. Extreme poverty, 3. Pandemic disease, 4. Illiteracy, and 5. Spiritual emptiness/the lack of God’s love in your life.”  When asked how to solve these five problems Warren responds, “The reason these issues have not been solved before is because we’ve had a two legged stool, business and government.  When left on its own a two legged stool will fall.  You have to have the faith sector, the public sector, and the private sector.   I don’t care if you do good for political, economical, personal, or religious reasons.  I don’t care why you do good, as long as you do good; there is no ethical or moral aspect in that.  My motivation is Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself.  It doesn’t have to be your motivation.”

Warren never gives the true gospel.  He only gives a social gospel.  His gospel is in deeds, doing good, and making the world a better place.  He is using his social gospel to create the kingdom of God on earth, literally heaven on earth.  The gospel of salvation and repentance are missing from his agendas.  “What draws people is not the preaching.  It is changed lives.” Warren says, but gives no credit to God’s Word that changes lives.  How many churches are doing away with regular services and Sunday School where people study God’s word, how many are going toward small group discussions and social gathering, complete with coffee, because leaders like Rick Warren are demoting the word of God and promoting modernism?  Warren tells sinners, “God smiles when you be you. He says that’s my boy, that’s my girl.”  In other words it makes God happy when a person, sinner or saint, is just being wholly themselves.  Warren teaches the antidote to the world’s problems in this acronym p.e.a.c.e.  P – Promote reconciliation, everyone coming together no matter their religious backgrounds.  E – Equip the servant leaders.  A – Assist the poor.  C – Care for the sick.  E – Educate the next generation.  He believes this is how Jesus lived and commanded Christians to live. This is how all the world’s problems will be solved.  Warren has twisted the scripture.  Jesus promoted reconciliation between God and man, not between people.  He equipped leaders to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. He called them to preach the truth, not to simply be leaders in the community.  He didn’t care for the sick, He healed them.  Jesus did miraculous signs and wonders to show His power and glory, not to become known to bring people together.

“And by the way, there’s truth in every religion.  Christians believe that there’s truth in every religion.  But we just believe that there’s one savior.  We believe we can learn truth – I’ve learned a lot of truth from different religions because they all have a portion of truth.  I just believe there is one savior, Jesus Christ.” – Rick Warren

“And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.” 1 John 5:20-21 (KJV)

Warren believes there is truth in every religion and that every religion can profit from others.  Warren stands with one foot in the evangelical world and one foot in the pagan spiritual world.  He’s confusing to people who are not rooted and grounded in the truth.  He paints peaceful pictures with his words.  They sound genuine and desirable, but they are unbiblical. How many evangelical, even Pentecostal holiness Christians have the book, “Purpose Driven Life” or “Purpose Driven Church” on their bookshelves?    Jesus warns us to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) One will know a false teacher by his diet.  Wolves eat sheep.  In the words of Paul, “I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.” (Colossians 4:14) How many will he lead astray? How many churches will be turned into social clubs? “America’s Pastor” is a leader in the quickly rising ecumenical church.  He is promoting the founding of a one world government and helping to give birth to the harlot church.